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Release History

2.82014/09/26File change notification. First review of VNumberArray to better support intensity graphs.
2.72014/07/31File change notification. First review of VNumberArray to better support intensity graphs.
2.62014/05/23Graphene integration of new plots.
2.52014/03/27PVA services support.
2.42014/01/25Integration framework for ca regression tests.
2.32013/10/14Exec service. Finalized operator support in formula.
2.22013/06/27Service integration. Formula updates (including dynamic function registration). Better Graphene integration.
2.12013/03/27Stabilization. Bugfixes and improvements
2.02013/02/12Internal refactoring

Release 2.8 - 2014/09/26

updatefile: use ServiceLoader to find supported FileFormatscarcassi
addfile-json: adding JSON serialization support for file datasourcecarcassi
addvtype-json: adding JSON serialization for vTypescarcassi
updatecore: improve throughput of creating readerscarcassi
addcore: printing stack trace for unclosed pvscarcassi
updatecore: passive scanningcarcassi

Release 2.7 - 2014/07/31

fixformula: better range handling for histogramOf functioncarcassi
addfile: .list format for string and number arrayscarcassi
addfile: notification if file changescarcassi
addvtype: adding VBooleanArraycarcassi
updatevtype: VNumberArray review (support for inverted DimensionInfo)carcassi
addfile: adding pluggable support adding functions to compose VNumberArray metadata from different pvscarcassi
addformula: adding TRUE, FALSE, E, PI as constantscarcassi
addfile: pluggable file formatshroffk
addformula: indexOf(VEnum)tonlyttt

Release 2.6 - 2014/05/23

updateformula: better range detection for histogramOf functioncarcassi
fixcore: errors on background threads are now loggedcarcassi
addtimecache: first work on working prototypearnaud
addformula: added a couple of function to filter tables based on values and numeric rangescarcassi
fixjca: disconnected value should hole the time of the disconnectcarcassi
addgraphene: integrated intensity and multi-line graphscarcassi
addsim: adding a couple channels to test 2D array based widgetscarcassi

Release 2.5 - 2014/03/27

updatevtype: factory cleanupcarcassi
updatepva: adding support for rpc servicessekoranja
updateio: using new epics-util CSV parsercarcassi
updateformula: formula function testing cleanupcarcassi
updateformula: review and cleanup of function implementations; better null/alarm/time handlingcarcassi
addformula: adding element-wise operations for array calculationsfnrendra3

Release 2.4 - 2014/01/25

updatevtype: adding display information to VNumberArraycarcassi
addformula: adding function to calculate histogramscarcassi
fixjca: handling time with nanosec out of rangecarcassi
fixjca: better handling of reconnects with type change and metadata monitorscarcassi
addintegration: adding framework for regression tests for channel accesscarcassi
updateformula: tableOf better handles unconnected argumentscarcassi

Release 2.3 - 2013/10/14

updateformula: better handling of time and alarm for operatorscarcassi
addexec: adding service for command line executioncarcassi
updatejdbc: more DB types supported in the mappingcarcassi
addformula: adding boolean operators and logical operatorscarcassi
addformula: added support for stateful functions, such as pv(VString) and pvs(String)carcassi
addvtype: adding standard color mapcarcassi
addvtype: adding VBooleancarcassi

Release 2.2 - 2013/06/27

updateformula: basic numeric math function return highest alarm and latest time of arguments; also handle null bettercarcassi
addexec: first draft for services that execute commands; if output is a CSV, it's parsed to a VTablecarcassi
addvtype: add alarm and time compare, toString and other utility functionscarcassi
updateformula: significant refactoring in test codecarcassi
updatevtype/file: adding temporary support for images in file; review VImage conversion routinescarcassi
updatejdbc: adding support for Timestamp/numeric/boolean/bit null, temporary support for images in file; review VImage conversion routinescarcassi
updatevtype: VTable can handle timestampscarcassi
fixjca: using the not sharing of channels to prevent concurrency issuescarcassi
addjdbc: ability to create database services from XML descriptionscarcassi
addvtype: VBoolean supportcarcassi
addvtype: added color definitions for Alarmcarcassi
addformula: highestSeveritycarcassi
addformula: added comparative operators, bitwise operator, logical operatorcarcassi
addformula: added a few operators for arrayscarcassi
addformula: added toString/toRadians/toDegreescarcassi
addformula: added dynamic pv and pvs functions (pointer like function)carcassi
addformula: added concat function for string concatenationcarcassi
addformula: support for stateful and dynamic functionscarcassi
addvtype/formula: adding natural joincarcassi
addvtype: adding alarm logic that uses both value and connection informationcarcassi
updatejca: support for Integer[], Double[] and long String with warningscarcassi
addjdbc services: prototype for introducting database servicescarcassi
fixjca: partial fix to double connection on the same channel with the different qualifierscarcassi
updateloc: default value is null, allow typed pvs, discard value when disconnectcarcassi
updateformula: single quotes allows for simple pv namescarcassi
addsim: adding new channels (intermittent channel and delayed connection channel, sine/square/sawtooth/triangle waveforms)carcassi
updatevtype: valueOf returns UNDEFINED for null valuescarcassi
updategraphene: support for bubble graph expressioncarcassi
updategraphene: graph result returns original data and selection indexcarcassi
updateformula: formula now uses syntax with '=' before an actual formulacarcassi
addformula: adding functions tableOf/column/range/step to generate tables from column datacarcassi
addvtype: utilities to assemble vTablescarcassi
fixcore: better error message if a type is not setup for notificationcarcassi
addvtype: utilities to compare values (only value, no timestamp/alarm/display)carcassi
updategraphene: line/scatter graphs now work on tables instead of multiple waveformscarcassi
addvtype: added toString implementation for VTablecarcassi
removecore: moved StringUtils and ListNumbers to epics-utilcarcassi
addfile: new datasource to read files; can read a csv tablecarcassi
updatevtype: changing VTable definition so that returns List and ListNumbers instead of arrayscarcassi
addvtype: adding CSV import/export for most typescarcassi
addservice: first cut for service integrationcarcassi
addformula: formula functions dynamic registration; modularized all implemented functionscarcassi
updateformula: all single argument functions from java.util.Math are registered as formula functionscarcassi
fixcore: don't send TimeoutException if another exception was sent beforecarcassi
fixloc: add support for all VTypescarcassi
fixsim: add table simulationcarcassi
addpva: enum and array write supportmsekoranja

Release 2.1 - 2013/03/27

updatejca: better behavior if native library is not foundcarcassi
updateformula: read/write expression, allows write only if it's a single channel, if not reports exceptioncarcassi
updatecore: adding machinery to support Exception handling while creating expressions, so that exceptions are reported on the reader/writercarcassi
updatejca: workaround if Channel.getFieldType() returns UNKNOWNcarcassi
updatejca: workaround, accessright callback dispatched to a separate thread for JNI (needs to be removed)carcassi
updateformula: added function to create array from expressionscarcassi

Release 2.0 - 2013/02/12

fixcore: expression using the same channel twice now work properlycarcassi