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You can find examples in link org.epics.pvmanager.sample package. We stopped including examples in the documentation itself because they tend to become stale. We link to actual code that is part of the build, so that there is more of a guarantee that they stay correct

  1. Configuration examples - how to configure pvmanager to read from the right datasource and dispatch events on the right thread.
  2. Basic examples - how to read/write from a single channel.
  3. Multiple channel examples - how to read/write multiple channels at a time.
  4. VType examples - how to work with actual type and how to aggregate them in bigger structures.

Package description

This package contains all the basic components of the PVManager framework and the basic support for the language to define the creation.

There are two distinct parts in the PVManager framework. The first part includes all the elements that deal with data directly: read from various sources (DataSource), performing computation (ReadFunction), collecting data (Collector), scanning at the UI rate (org.epics.pvmanager.PVReaderDirector) and notify on appropriate threads.

The second part consists of an expression language that allows to define how to connect the first set of objects with each other. SourceRateExpression describes data as it's coming out at the network rate, DesiredRateExpression defines data at the scanning rate for the UI, and ExpressionLanguage defines static methods that define the operator in the expression language.

Users can extend both the first part (by extending support for different types, providing different support for different data source or creating new computation elements) and the second part (by extending the language to support other cases. All support for data types is relegated to separate packages: you can use the same style to extend the framework to your needs.

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